Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Guildball - Mason's Guild (Part 1)

Today I've completed the first 3 of the Mason's guild members for the Guildball game.

This was a Kickstarter that my friend Jonathan & I bought into.  The sculpts are quite nice, though as I mentioned previously, the number of parts required to glue together for some of the figures has me shaking my head.

However here we are:

First up is Harmony & to say she is trouble is an understatement. She is the one who has driven me loco trying to glue her head onto a spindly neck...

Alas after 5 attempts, she managed to have a glue ring dry around the join....so rather than risk re-glue number 6, I chose to paint it as a neck scarf.

Next up is the team mascot, Marbles 

And lastly for today, the big man of the team, Brick

The obligatory group shot, front

and back

Three other members are currently on the table, well on their way, though I had a glue malfunction on one & had to re-glue an arm.


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    1. Thanks Simon, the rules to play look a little daunting, but I am sure Jonathan & I will fudge our ways thru them.