Sunday, January 17, 2016

Frostgrave Campaign Begins

The Outskirts of Frostgrave:

  Having formed your war band to seek the riches & wisdom said to be found in the ruins of Frostgrave; your journey begins as the fog rises & you see the outer walls in the distance. Before the walls are the ruins of farms & buildings, the sort of which oft spring up outside cities.
  As you prepare to make your way from the rise, you glimpse movement in the ruins. Your band is apparently not the only one to make a foray to Frostgrave. So begins the adventure.

There were 3 of us to launch the campaign today.

(Terry) I once again brought out Ember & Spark (Elementalist) with 2 archers, 3 thugs, 2 thieves & a man-at-arms.

(Scott) Julio & Roberto (Enchanter) with 2 archers, a marksman, man-at-arms & a thief.

(Jonathon) Malcron & Larry (Summoner) with a marksman, 2 archers,  2 thug's, thief & warhound.

 Malcron makes a run for a treasure using the hedgerow as cover.

 Julio's forces arrive & the shooting begins.

 Spark makes for some treasures away from most of the action.

 An early arrow (natural 20) finds its mark, dropping a thug.

 However picking up that chest did make for the arrival of a couple skeletons.

A bit of a stale-mate at the crossroads.

Another spawn of a couple wild dogs rushed towards Ember & a thug.

Just as the marksman felled Ember. The thug now stands alone.

The thug stood his ground, felling first one!

Then the second of the hounds...

 Two thieves scuffled over a treasure

Which was then a Telekinesis spell pulled it away! As Spark then proceeded to grab the treasure, he was set upon by the thief who had recently felled his opponent in the previous image.

After a couple rounds, Spark was removed from play. 

On the other side another natural 20 ended the day for Julio.

By this point, all of my warband had been felled or had left the field. Scott captured a couple more of the treasures & made off, whilst Jonathan successfully made off with 4 treasures.

Post battle - All treasure rolls were at -5 to the die, as these outlying areas have seen their fair share of scavengers & treasure hunters.

As well the following was determined.

Jonathan (320xp)
Both the warhound & Thug died.
4 Treasures - 220gc, 2 hand weapon w/+1 damage, Staff of Power(3), Banner of Courage, Ring of Will
Base of Operations: Inn

Scott (200xp)
Malcron suffered a nasty wound which required 100gc to heal.
3 Treasures - 515gc, Potions of Toughness & Teleport, Hand Weapon +2 Fight
Base of Operations: Laboratory
Purchased Facility: Sarcophagus of Healing

Terry (120xp)
Ember returned with just the loss of sword, Spark has a smashed leg (-1 move), 1 Thug misses next game.
2 Treasures - 88gc, Potions of Explosive Cocktail, Demon in a Bottle, Dagger +1 Fight
Base of Operations: Treasury

A good day of gaming, with no warband losing too many members. There were a couple others who expressed interest, so hopefully we see them make an appearance next month.


  1. You're certainly not making it any easier to resist! Great report Terry.

    1. Thanks Michael, for an easy set of rules, take the plunge. It's easier to go with the flow than try to swim against the current of what many are playing these days!

  2. Awesome Report. That sure looks fun.


    1. Thanks Brent, it certainly is an easy to learn system & has usually bloody combat which is quick & deadly.

  3. Nice report and ouch! Some good dice rolls there!

    1. Thanks Simon. I managed 2 crit rolls of 20 on opponents so shouldn't be surprised I was on the receiving end of a couple myself.