Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ruin & Haystacks.

I completed 4 more of the Myth figures, however they are now drying from the Dip, so won't be getting photographed until tomorrow eve.

However I wanted to get a post out, so grabbed the ruined tower/temple piece from the Confrontation game & painted it up. 

It did come with a basic paint job of dark/light gray & the grass was a green colour, however I wanted something better. I may add some flock & grass tufts around the edges, but as is...its great to pack & go, without worrying getting banged around.

I also started thinking about making some haystacks. So I grabbed some pink foam, my wire cutter & started making some. I then used a file on them to get the rounded shapes & took a pencil to score some lines.

Not sure the pencil was the best option as it seemed to snag alot & created the jaggies in the foam. I then used Tan > Dun > Parchment drybrush to give them colour. 

I think I may  create more in the future, as I am not overly excited with the result, however they will do for the next while. I do have a couple resin haystacks around I need to dig up, but the foam ones would be certainly cheaper. Perhaps trying some other methods. We shall see.

Thanks for reading.


  1. That ruined tower looks superb and I definitely think that you are on to something with the hay stacks.

    1. Thanks Michael. I am getting worried though, I haven't seen a blog update by you...does that mean your concocting something big for the painting competition?