Monday, April 11, 2016

Chain of Command Operation Martlet Campaign - Third Scenario

Tuesday night at the club, we played the next scenario in the Chain of Command Campaign. 

Scenario 3 sees the British forces continuing to push. The objectives were to capture the Chateau & the crossroads.

The Germans continued to be under an artillery barrage & thus needed to roll a 5 or 6 to arrive once a command had been received.

The view from the British end of the field.

The British increased their firepower, fielding a Sherman Tank

The British deploy forward in the orchard.

As expected the Churchill AVRE arrived. In fact all the British forces had pretty much arrived & were moving forward.

The Germans were kept offboard as the Artillery continued to pound them. I was only able to get 1 team on the board. The MG was set up in the woodshed (left side of photo)

The British had a simple victory, as without the arrival of the German forces, he was able to walk into the Chateau & overrun the crossroads, just preventing the arrival of any further German troops at the jump off points.

Needless to say it was an early night. However on the bright side, this battle ended the first day & should allow the German troops more mobility for the next game.


  1. Well that all seemed to go smoothly enough.

  2. Terry, what did you use for the map?

    1. Its just a snipped image from the pdf info sent by Dave