Monday, April 25, 2016

Blacksmith & Kingdom Death White Lion

As I continue getting the warbands ready for Frostgrave on Mayday, pretty much all the figures needed are finished. Just want to work on some more ruins.

I only managed to complete 2 more figures that were on the paint table

First up is the Blacksmith (Game Zone Metal Miniature)

A nice figure, though after all was said & done I noticed the seam along his hair...oh bother! Most likely became more noticeable after the dip.

I don't actually have a use for him at the moment, but I am sure there are some games that may find a use for him down the road.

Next up was the White Lion from Kingdom Death. This is meant to be the initial creature encountered by the players. I opted to go with a more traditional colouring, going with more of a lighter mane

Close inspection of the front limbs, as they can hardly be classed as paws..they look more human-like, denotes that this is no ordinary beast. 

As I continue to work through these miniatures, you will find many of the creatures are quite bizarre in nature.

Just to show how large this figure is, here it is amongst the starting characters. 

 I will now need to spend some time reading through the rules to bring this out for a try. This will likely not occur until after Mayday though.


  1. You do have some stunning miniatures on your paint table at the moment Terry. That is a great blacksmith sculpt and as for the lion - wow!

    1. Thanks Michael, the Kingdom Death figures are quite unique. They are all plastic or in some cases resin for the limited run collector figures. Check them out here
      I am just glad I got in on the Kickstarter as the retail on it is killer. Though I suppose if you went in on it with a group of friends it would be more affordable

  2. I don't think I would have noticed the seam on the hair of the blacksmith if you hadn't pointed it out. They are great looking figures and must have been a joy to paint.

    1. Thanks Silver Whistle. I must admit I prefer skirmish level gaming as I don't think I have it in me to do an entire army of the same figures.