Sunday, October 2, 2016

Frostgrave at Fallcon

I've just arrived home from the yearly convention in Calgary called Fallcon. I believe this was the 27th year of this event & my 15th time attending. They tell us this on our name cards.

However after a very successful auction, where Scott claims he got some good deals & I know I did. Let's see. Space Hulk 3rd Edition $50.00 which was the reserve bid.

WOW. OK there was another copy of Space Hulk 4th Ed coming up in the auction. Could I do it again? No-one else had bid previously so I figured I would try my luck.. WHAM! I also won this copy for $55.00. Two copies of this fine game at cheaper than 1 at retail...oh happy days! I also won a Kickstarter Agent Level set of Mercs. Which until seeing it in the auction I had never heard of...but it had miniatures so...

OK So today I ran my Frostgrave game, where I had 8 players who had never played Frostgrave. 3 of them were young lads who had just happened to see me setting up the game & immediately wanted to play.

We were going to play my favorite scenario for new players. The Well. The table was split to allow for 2 4-player games.

Warbands have been chosen.

Due to time constraints, we made this a 10 turn game. There were 4 treasures & drinking from the well would provide 100xp for the first mage to drink, 50 for the second & 25 for the others.

Jonathan helping the lads. 

Planning the approach.

One of the players managed to leap his Wizard near the fountain. He then cast a wall spell leaving enough room for him to drink

Jonathan informed me that when he proffered that the 1 lad who had his warband surrounding a treasure could have 1 of the members pick it up. The lad replied "I have better things to do" then proceeded to slay his friends Wizard & Apprentice.

It was quite comical as these 2 totally ignored the scenario & wanted to focus on the finer points of spellcasting & weapon hacking one another. 

All the warbands on the far table were quite quick getting to the centre of the board.

A photo of the 1 lad's warband surrounding the treasure. Though to be fair, he had seen 2 previous treasure being picked up spawn encounters.

So it made for another wonderful, albiet tiring weekend in Calgary. Now I need to get to bed. Thanks for reading


  1. Those 2 kids were MERCILESS towards each other. And damn could they roll good.

    1. Are you saying I should invite them to the next campaign? MWahahahahaha! I've had those 2 show up for other miniature games at Fallcon. I think they will definitely be future miniature gamers.

  2. Looks like a fabulous event, as always that the game set up is awesome.

    1. Thanks Michael. It is a great event, but sadly lacking in miniature games this year unless your into DBA. There were quite a few listed in the early stages, but then people pulled the plug on them. Now I need to get into high gear for Zomtober!

  3. Lol Love it forget the quest for knowledge I am going to destroy you all!

  4. Replies
    1. Hey Cory thanks! Everyone who played seemed to have a good time, especially those young lads. And on a side note...KELLY was there!