Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Treat

After posting my Zomtober entry on Sunday, I was able to push out a couple more figures. Just in time for the Trick or Treater's, as the costumed candy-eaters wane, I can now post them before the midnight hour.

First up are 2 more Zombicide Walkers. They just keep on Shambling.

I was also able to complete Ann the Warrior Nun

And Samson, a dwarf warrior-smith ready to lay the hammer down

This leaves me with 2 more core box Survivors & the Necromancer that I at least want to complete before the Remembrance Day weekend.

With that, it's off to put away the lawn decor, so Happy Halloween & beware the sugar-rush


  1. Halloween treats indeed Terry, well done that man.

    1. Thanks Michael. Hoping to see them on the table in a couple weeks

  2. O wow! Look at you go. That's a lot of stuff painted in small amounts of time.

    As usual, very cool. That dwarf looks like a right headcase.

    1. Thanks Dai, need to get the last 2 painted as well as the necromancer before the Remembrance Day weekend.