Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Warhammer Quest - Silver Tower at Edmonton Wargames Group meeting

Last night Kevin once again brought out The Silver Tower, for our groups continued campaign to discover the pieces of the shard. We had our first piece & had failed the first attempt at garnering the second.

As we began, the first chamber was "A Merry Chase" where we were engaged by 2 Acolytes & 3 Blue Horrors. We made short work of them.

We then discovered what has become our favorite chamber - "The Warriors Gaze" where each earned renown gives an additional bonus of +1 renown. Great for surging towards a skill!  We often try to pull stuff into this chamber to reap the rewards! Entering it had 3 Acolytes engage us

Our next chamber "Looting the Dead" had my healer as the runestruck character. I entered, but failed to get the treasure. As our luck had it, we were engaged by a Skaven Assassin. When he spawns, he also spawns an illusionary version of himself, who only upon slaying 1 of them (13 vitality) we then roll to see if it was the real Skaven or his illusion.

We slew the illusion 3 times before successfully getting the real one! 

Continuing on we entered the "Alchemists Den" where we pulled the 4 acolytes that spawned back to the Renown chamber. At this point we had a serious decision to make. Failing to choose correctly would cause us to fail the mission.

We then opted to go through the "Mysterious Vortex" which dropped us into the "Crystal Junction & fighting a bunch of Scuttlings. We then turned the last chamber over & discovered we had not found the one we sought. Thus we had failed this attempt to retrieve the second piece!

We shall attempt this mission again next month! Great fun was had by all

Also here are a couple photos of a rubble pile build from old foam bits 

As well I  completed several Haystacks & bales I bought a couple years ago from Six Squared Studios out of Ontario. All are resin. Those haystacks are certainly much nicer than my foam ones!

Finishing up some Zombies for Zomtober & I will be demoing Frostgrave this weekend at Onslaught!


  1. The Warhammer quest miniatures look sensational and I rather like those haystacks too.

    1. Thanks Michael, Kevin is the owner of this Warhammer Quest set. The haystacks are indeed nice & will likely see me buying more down the road.

  2. Hay stacks are looking good. What an awesome WQ set!