Sunday, November 13, 2016

Zombicide Black Plague

Bruce & Chen came out to the house today to give Zombicide Black Plague a try. This was the first opportunity to get my painted Survivors onto the table.

Eventually I will have all of the miniatures painted, but not at this time.

We played the first scenario. Initially doing the Necromancer Spawns incorrectly, by the 4th attempt we had it figured out.

Most of our attempts saw an Abomination spawn early. As luck would have it, both a Necromancer & Abomination spawned. 

In the case below we had found both the Dragon Bile & a Torch.

WHOOSH! Away they went. Alas we didn't win however as more necromancers spawned & sped off.

A couple of Poser's. Nelly & the Abomination.

We believed our strategy of getting the larges building ( 9 zones) opened early while still in the blue zone would be the best option. Although we never did succeed this time, I am sure it is still our belief.

Our after game conversations seemed to agree that the game has some fantastic refinements to Zombicide. The Necromancer spawns & our horrid luck with chained double spawns were what led to most of our downfalls.

Now I need to hunker down & get all these zombies painted!


  1. Great to hear that evening went well, hoping to get a couple of games in myself this weekend.

    1. Thanks Michael, hopefully your band has better luck than us. Those chain Double Spawns are insane!

  2. Still need to play this. Looks so fun and if it's an upgrade on regular Zombiecide, then I might even buy a set.

  3. The wonderful detail of the figures and the way they have been painted has taken it visually from a board game to a table top game and although I have had no experience playing the former, I imagine you must have the best of both worlds. Looks very impressive.

    1. Thanks Pat, that's one of the things I've noticed over the past several years, boardgames moving more into a cross-over realm with Miniatures. Nothing wrong with that at all!