Monday, November 28, 2016

Kickstarter Arrivals & some more Zombicide Stuff

It seems I've been absent from posting for a couple of weeks. This isn't to say I haven't been gaming at all, more a matter of being a bit all over the place with things arriving, getting up the Christmas Tree, Black Friday, Cyber Monday...I think you get the gist.

However as the title states, I had received a couple more of my Kickstarters, namely The Walking Dead & Conan. The photos of the Conan, are not the best, sort of made some space on the table for a quick couple of photos.

as well as the glare from the shrink wrap. Not removing it, lest I get distracted!

The Walking Dead box had a small crush in the bottom corner, but nothing inside was damaged! Whew!

Of course the Walking Dead is a nice segway into my latest batch of Zombies for both Black Plague & Zombicide.

Just some more walkers. 

Chipping away at the pile of plastic for Zombicide by trying to get some more of them done as well.

Thus my current focus is on the Zombicide stuff, mainly Black Plague until the core box is finished. As well I have some more Frostgrave being intermixed as I prepare for the launch of our new Campaign come January. Currently working on the Enchanter & his apprentice.

That't pretty much it for this post, Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great to see that they have arrived safe and sound and my word, you went big with the Conan pledge!

    1. Thanks Michael, yes I tend to find myself doing the all-in thing. With my not being able to generally attend the big conventions, my opportunity to get all those Kickstarter exclusives otherwise would be an impossibility. As well not all local game stores may carry the Kickstart games

  2. It all looks so glorious, wish I'd gone in on Conan now!

    1. OK I won't tease you by taking photos of whats inside then. Lord knows there are plenty of those photos out there already! Of course the current offering of Mythic Battles Pantheon is live now, so you could get in on this one!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Gordon, as if I wasn't behind enough already HAHAHAHA. Now if only I could invest in a clone to do my work & give me the pay, I could stay home & actually think about being able to paint them all!