Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Warhammer Quest - Silver Tower. Third times the charm!

Our party once again descended into the shadowed halls of the Silver Tower, making our third attempt to collect the 2nd piece of the amulet.

The first chamber encountered was 'A Sickening Turn' which was pretty much a deamons gullet, complete with acid. Add to the mix were 5 Tsangor's.

We then  found ourselves back in 'Looting the Dead' where we could attempt to loot treasures from the sarcophagi. I netted a Unseen Amulet, we got a second treasure before unleashing the entombed acolyte.

Next was the 'Shifting Plates' chamber & a Tzeentch magic user.

Another magic-using creature manifested, we took him down also!

The Alchemist's Den was filled with adversaries. I used a Basalisk's tongue to turn most to stone. I didn't allow for much renown, but it sure cleared the room!

The Crystal Junction & 5 more Tsangor!

It was at this point we discovered the Vortex. We chose to explore further the other way while the opportunity existed. We then entered 'A Merry Chase' with 5 Acolytes.

Past that room was the Warriors Gaze (our favorite room of this scenario) however we did not to into it waiting for the grots within to come to us.

We retraced our steps to enter the vortex & entered the Boss Chamber! The was a Fighting pit with numerous Acolytes & Adepts.

The battle seemed almost anti-climatic as we chewed through these guys quick & thus earned our second piece of the amulet!

Now we prepare ourselves for the next foray into the Silver Tower....but that's a story for December!


  1. What fantastic looking minis and a great looking game

    1. Thanks kindly, the game & miniatures are owned & were painted by Kevin. You can see more of his stuff from the Blogs I follow menu

  2. It does look great fun and those miniatures are amazing!

    1. Thanks Michael, wish they were mine, but I do get to play with them!

  3. He's a great job on his set and seems like you are all still enjoying the game!

    1. He has indeed Brian, I offered him my unpainted set in return for his should he decide he isn't happy with it!