Monday, February 13, 2017

Frostgrave - The Mausoleum

Sunday saw 6 warbands descend once again onto the city of Felstad, to discover forgotten lore & riches to further their needs.

We had a new warband arrive led by Innovar the Chronomancer.

As for the other warbands, they had added some recruits to their rosters.

Eben added the archer Balthasard & Valdemar the Thief.

Mario added Captain Hogan

Bob added Trojan the Treasure Hunter, Tommy Boy the Templar & Spot the Warhound

Maximilian added Slick the Thief, Bremen the Treasure Hunter & Heinz the Thug.

Ulrich added Rickon the Ranger & Jerold the Treasure Hunter.

The scenario was the Mausoleum, modified due to the number of warbands involved.

There were 4 special Bone Constructs guarding the Necromancer's treasures. These large skeletons were armed with Huge Weapons (+2 Damage).

Skeleton Construct M:6, F:+4 S:0 Arm: 14 Hits:10 They also had regeneration which at the end of the creature phase would increase any injuries by 1 point each turn.

These constructs would not activate until someone entered the mausoleum area & were within their line of sight. They would also pursue the treasure they guarded, should it somehow be moved.

As well each warband placed a single treasure using normal rules. Once placed, 2 skeletons were placed at each treasure & could be either normal or armoured skeletons.

As the end of each creature phase, a skeleton spawns from the central building & could be either normal or armoured as desired by the player rolling. The 4 special treasures in the centre of the board provided the additionsl 50gp & extra 20xp as per the original scenario.

The aftermath saw quite a few soldiers that will be missing the next game. It should be interesting to see who opts to unload them for fresh soldiers.

Mario 70xp, no treasures. 
  Vincent the treasure hunter died. Mario suffering a Niggling Wound.

Ulrich 300xp, 280gp, Potions: Strength (x2), Grimoire: Control Undead
  Rickon the ranger died, Ricky the thief & a thug miss next game

Maximilian 650xp, 130gp, Grimoire: Time Walk, Crumble; Ring of Will
  Maximilian suffered a Bad Wound, which he paid 100gp to heal. Johan & Stephan misses game
  Ludvig suffers close call & loses all equipment

Bob 420xp, 100gp, Grimoire: Wall (which he sold)

Innovar 470xp, 100gp, Grimoire: Slow; Orb of Power (8), takes Laboratory as base
  Bardley suffers close call & loses all equipment, Clarisse misses game

Eben 450xp, 100gp, Scrolls: Heal, Invisibility, Beauty; Bow +1Shoot
   Borke the treasure hunter & Anselm the thug misses game.


  1. I really love these presentations Terry great job Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael, still working on them. Lessons from first game, remove wound dice from images. Lessons from this one, take a few more area photos to better tell the story of where everyone is at. Even I am getting confused as to who is who & where they are when the hammer falls.

  2. Wow, that's impressive report (i excellent comic book)! I love your Frostgrave Table. Im working on, but a long way for me to build something similar quality. Some day, i hope ..

    1. Thanks Dhil, I learned of this software from Gordon Richards (who has one of the blogs I follow). As for the terrain, I've been collecting for years (Mordheim, D&D, etc. There are lots of fantastic mdf kits out there these days to get you started & making your own foamcore building ruins is relatively cheap, just time consuming.

    2. O yes, building in foamcore/styrfoam is definitely time consuming. That's a problem because with family life and work free time is just another "currency", just like $ (or zł in my case :) So, even relatively expensive sets from 4ground, with this "time=money" factor, looks better than just "not bad" :-)

    3. There are some good 'cheap' paper terrain options, which with a glue spray, foamcore & printed terrain can be relatively quick. An example is what my buddy has for the Gangsters games... See previous posts.

  3. Looks like a right royal slaughterfest - great stuff!

    1. Oh it was indeed JP. Once the wizards started to fall, it became a vengeance battle for some. Apart from some ranged stuff into the Mausoleum grounds, it took to about turn 5 for anyone to cross the wall into it.