Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Chicago Way

Last night Bruce brought out his Gangsters & 'The Chicago Way' ruleset from Great Escape Games.

I chose to play the Gangster squad of Mad Dog, which consisted of Mad Dog, Spatts Mulligan (Driver) & 2 Tommy Gun Goons - Violin Vinnie & Amelia

Here are my group's stats & mission.

The game has a card driven action system, where the higher suit goes first & works it way down. Those with a high card can pass/delay if they choose to. The deck of cards also has events/actions & with a pool of 4 to start, an additional card is added  until a limit of 6, where one must be discarded. This causes a bit of a trade-off as high suited cards may be in that event deck.

Below my car after some initial failed dice, makes it to the Ice Cream Parlour. This is where having the cards off the board would be a much better option, though it would involve some extra book keeping. They certainly don't add to the image. 

As well, having them off board would prevent the opposing players from being gamey & acting against the card vs the miniature. What I mean by this, is if 2 players each have an 8. They will roll off to see whose action is first. This now means that player A could attempt to kill player B before his action. Without the cards being obvious player A may just have gone & done something else, not knowing who was the next character to act.

The 'Good' Cops arrive & begin to engage the bought cops. 

Bob sped his other police car up the street, where it was met with a spray of bullets (immobilizing the car)

Having grabbed the money bag, Mad Dog speeds off, though not before getting rear ended by another Cop Car. However I managed to pull away only to roll myself on the next turn.

There were a few rules we gaffed on, but with some more opportunity to play, we will get a better handle on it.

Now the remainder of my week, is prepping for this weekends Frostgrave game. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've always liked the look of this game, especially when the set up is as good as yours.

    1. Bruce deserves all the credit as it's his collection we've played on. Most of his buildings 'nest' inside others to make less of a burden to transport. I believe most of his vehicles are Blue Moon.

  2. I agree with Michael this game looks interesting and what a board

    1. Thanks Gobbo, I will be sure to have Bruce look at these complimenting comments for 'his' game