Monday, February 20, 2017

Sunday Paint Table

No fancy images for my Paint Table post, but I do have 5 more miniatures to show. As they are a mix of both skeletons for use in Frostgrave & a couple more Zombicide figures I will keep the title of the post neutral.

First up, 3 more Skeletons from my old D&D days. All are metal. The first one I am not sure of the company, however the other 2 are more of the old Citadel figures.

Secondly, 2 more Zombicide Black Plague figures, a Fattie & Runner. This is the second pose of the core Fattie's complete with split guts. Funny how as a Zombie, he still worries over his entrails spilling forth.

I just finished applying the dip to the Abomination & another walker. My focus will be working on Zombicide figures until the gaming weekend coming up in March, though I am doubtful I will get them all finished in time.


  1. More wonderfully gory additions Terry and now you mention the chap holding in his guts, it does seem a bit of an odd sculpt.

    1. Must have been that last thought running through its brain, or the realization that trailing entrails would lead to slower movement.