Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Malifeaux, Wizkids & Bit Swap buys

It's been a busy past few days. Sunday was spent attending the Out of the Basement gaming groups bit swap. I managed to part with some items, while keeping within my $100 spend limit. Thus although my wife may disagree, I did 'make' some money when the sun set.

I got these 2 Infinity biker kits for a sweet $10.00. Not sure what I will use them for, but they have a definate cool factor to them.

$1.00 for each of the Reaper Bones. 2 of them are more sci-fi & I hope to see them used for Rogue Stars. The last fella will be a good zombie apocalypse survivor.

One of the sellers is moving & so had quite a stack of boardgames & miniatures to move along. I got this Terraclips set with clips box for $15.00. Was glad to see it was one I needed for the others I have, as they are getting harder to find these days.

I also got these Predator Hounds for $2.00

This box of LOTR Rangers $15.00

And lastly, not appearing with a photo, was 2 old Delaque Necroumunda squads.

This evening I went to the club meeting where Kieran & his friend Keith introduced myself & Tyler to an introduction to Malifeaux. We each played a single Emissary figure. I chose the Dragon.

I was pitted against a Whiskey Golem, some larger Turtle thing & an Oriental Warrior of some type.

The game allowed us to learn the mechanics of the cards & how you get negative & postive flips. Also how the suits played can affect the action, allowing abilities to trigger.

It seemed a little overwhelming to start, however both Kieran & Keith did a good job of explaining. Thanks guys for doing this!

As our club now plays in a local hobby store, one cannot help but walk past the 'NEW ITEMS' conveniently located near the entrance.

I saw these new Wizkid kits.

And of course had to bring them home with me. Good thing there is but one more club night before Christmas!


  1. You managed to pick up a bargain or two there Terry!

    1. Thanks Michael, one never knows what they will find at a swap meet.

  2. A truly excellent haul, and that "adventurer's campsite" has gone straight onto my wishlist!

    1. Its definitely appealing while I wait for the terrain crate from Mantic Kickstarter

  3. Ooooh those terrain boxes are really nice! I need to have a look for those

    1. Tuesday was the first time I'd seen them & had never heard anything about them prior

    2. Thanks Brent, I figured you already have these!