Saturday, November 25, 2017

Juno Beach with Rommel Rules & the rest of The Servants of Ra

Today we had another games day & Dave brought out his Rommel Rules with the Juno Beach scenario.

We had 2 players as the Canadians & I acted as the Germans with a fella named Peter. The view of the beach from the German perspective. The 716 Division was situated in entrenchments along the beach & were decidedly meant to slow the Canadians

The 716th had 2 artillery pieces in support. The entrenchments served to take hits, thus hopefully allowing the 716th to slow the Canadians at the beach, allowing for the 352nd Infantry Division to get into place.

We tried a salient option with only a couple of entrenched units in the centre of the beach. It seemed to work initially.

However the Canadians eventually won through, pushing backs the remnants of the 716th & running into the 352nd. The sheer number of tanks pretty much allowed all the Canadian attacks to benefit from Tank Shock bonuses.

The Canadians rushed its armour in to snatch a 2nd objective, however we were able to get the 21st Panzer units to beat them back & shattered several Canadian Armour units.

The battle proceeded past the 12 turns & another attempt was made to rush a Canadian Armoured unit to another of the objectives (The Canadians only needed 1 more to win). As the last action of the Germans allowed the use of a Event card which moved an opponents unit, thus clearing the objective. The Germans managed to squeek out a win, though the 716th Division had been obliterated, having lost all its units.

As well I have finished the remainder of the Servants of Ra company for In Her Majesty's Name.

Here we have Akhenaton & Professor Abdul Abir 

And Sairah with the last Cultist

Up next are some more Star Wars Imperial Assault & Zombicide Black Plague figures. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Nice game and love the IHMN figs. I do like the Steampunk genre I just haven't found the rules that I could get behind for it. IHMN never grabbed me and EotD never lived upto its promises either.

    1. Hey Simon, I have both of those rules sets as well, going in big on that EoTD kickstarter, though I have yet to paint any of it or play a game. It sort of stormed in like Sedition Wars, then winkled out like a snuffed candle. Have you tried Pulp Alley? We have had some good success playing it in several genres from Gangsters, to Super Heroes, to Colonial. It keeps with smaller gangs & I would suggest it may fit your need.

  2. I do love these Servants of Ra Terry, cracking work Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael, I of course attempted to follow along with Kev Dallimore's paint style, but somewhere the diamond shapes twisted to squares by the time I go around to the other front of the jacket..oh well,I will continue to aspire to reach those lofty painting hieghts, I was just to tired to repaint & try again...guess he needs a new tailor 8D.