Friday, December 14, 2018

Frostgrave - The House of Longreach

This past Sunday we played our final scenario of our current campaign. This was game 18.

We had 3 warbands take the field (a couple of folks had to cancel as it is that busy time of year)

We played the House of Longreach, so I could utilise some of the terrain pieces I got from the Frostgrave Terrain Kickstarter that was run by Tim Hollier.

I did modify the scenario to only have 4 portals on the main board, with the last inside the vault. When players entered one & were transported to another of the portals on the main board, we rolled a d6 to determine both which door & which side of the door they emerged on.

So the 3 warbands in play were 

Ludwig (Chen)

Eben (Me)

Bob (Scott)

So without further preamble, here is the story!



So after the game, we tallied up the spoils & experience to determine the winner of our campaign.

Chen - 365xp, 400gc, Ring of Life (Campaign Total 6665xp)

Scott - 1140xp, 100gc, Gloves of Casting, Vial of Starlight, Grimoire - Enchant Armour (Campaign Total 9440xp)

Terry - 670xp, 40gc, Magic Spectacles, Fire Heart Gemstone (Campaign Total 9290xp)

Therefore congratulations to Scott! who was the winner of our campaign.

So some afterthoughts of the campaign.

The game runs similar to Mordheim in that you only want to play a limited number of scenarios, otherwise the wizards get so powerful, where casting spells is pretty much matter-of fact.

We like having creatures spawn each turn, as it prevents some players from hiding at the fringes of the board....they now risk getting swarmed!

Also for my next campaign in the new year we will be increasing the odds of a creature spawn on treasure pickup. It will get more likely as more are grabbed.

We do have soldiers garner xp for killing things, this leads to a higher amount of xp per game, but is counterbalanced by the fact you can only improve/lower a casting cost by 1 per game. So we don't see this as an issue.

Thanks for all of you who participated & I look forward to beginning a new campaign in 2019!

Also thanks to all of those who visit the blog to enjoy our adventures!  


  1. Great AAR Terry! I'm not familiar with Frostgrave - though it's been on my radar - so, 18 turns and 3 players, how long does a game like that take to complete?

    1. Thanks Ivor. Normally we have 4-5 players, however our game usually takes 4-5 hours at most. We would generally play until the last treasure was taken off the table or only 1 warband remains. I did find that as people waited for the last treasure, they would farm critters for xp. A good afternoon of gaming with friends, eating snacks & smacktalk. For our new campaign beginning in January we will be limiting a game to 15 turns or last treasure removed, whichever comes first.

      If your a fan of Mordheim, then Frostgrave is a slick alternative for a more spell casting game where the wizards & apprentices are the main players.