Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

As we gather around our hearths with friends & family at this time of year, I wish to extend my wishes for a Merry Christmas to those of you on the blog-o-sphere as well!

Of course this morning saw the unwrapping of presents! Santa was good to me once again this year, gifting me the items below.

This Star Wars book will be added to my collection which I use as painting guides & perhaps one day a Cosplay of something Star Wars.

I also received a couple more Malifaux figures!

As well, though not placed under the tree, 2 Fat Mats were given. Both are 4'x6'


Now the remainder of the day will be relaxing with my lovely wife & our pets as the smells of turkey roasting, sage, stuffing & rutabaga come from the kitchen until its time to dine! 

I haven't had much hobby 'painting time' it seems, however I did get a couple items to continue with a project I started earlier this year in regards to making Insect Plague markers for Frostgrave.

As Michael's was having a 70% sale on Christmas related stuff, I did get 3 more Lexar Cobblestone Sheets for a fantastic price! However I also wandered down the jewelry beads isle...wondering if by chance there were some insect related beads.

Though I had hoped for some wasp/bee bits, I did come across these...they were in a string with spacer beads, however I clipped the string & will regift those spacers to a friend who does crafts.

Those who recall remember my pipe cleaner made token to represent the swarm. So I undid it & added these 'insects'.

I wanted them to be loose enough to fit over the many varied figures people use for Frostgrave, so the pipe cleaners will do fine as I bend them to suit.

So after a day spent hitting the stores for Boxing Day sales tomorrow, I hope to get some time at the paint table again & will add some paint to the insects so they don't look like treasure!

So once again Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. It looka like you had a wonderful Christmas and the insect beads idea is superb!

    1. Thanks Michael! Hope your Christmas Festivities were great as well!

  2. Love the Pipecleaner idea - I have been using and will be using Swarms of Bats. I wonder if the Jewelery area would have bats - or if I will have to wait for halloween.


    1. Thanks Brent! The pipe cleaners I used were from Halloween, hence the black. I didn't see bats per-se but there were birds. You could indeed snag bats at Halloween as I've seen them as ear rings. Dollar store!