Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

We find ourselves with another year under our belts & looking back, as far as gaming has gone, its been a good year.

We completed a Frostgrave Campaign & after providing the group with a list of games to vote on that we could play in 2019, the winner was again Frostgrave! Rangers of Shadow Deep taking a close second. So to keep the second place happy, I will try to run a couple games at our Saturday Games Days.

As usual I didn't get as many things painted as I would have liked, but life has a way of throwing obstacles to be overcome. Of course this allows me plenty of room to try to improve that side of things.

So for my final figures painted for 2018, here are 3 more of the Z War One figures that I started during Zomtober....yes its been that busy!

Here we have Victor the shotgun wielding cop, flanked by 2 more of the infected.

Seems Victor may need some touching up as the overspray seems a bit milky. Though the actual figure doesn't look this bad in real life.

 As I begin my painting for 2019, I am working on my next Frostgrave Wizard & look for those to grace the blog soon!

Again I hope everyone has a Happy New Year & that good fortune lay before you!


  1. Happy New Year Terry and off to a cracking start!

    1. Thanks Michael! Glad to see you've made a return however small to the blog-o-sphere!

  2. Happy New Year to you Terry and the family!

    1. Thanks Simon! Here's to another year of great gaming with friends!