Sunday, February 28, 2021

Core Space - Chunk!

During my painting session today, I was hoping to finish Chunk & then get the other 2 figures from the gang well under way. Alas that wasn't to be, but I am sure you will appreciate why.


Another excellent figure from Core Space, here is Chunk, a veritable 'Meat Puppet' fueled by drugs.

So I was finishing him up earlier this afternoon & the whole 'Meat Puppet' & looking at his pose got my twisted humour amped up.

So what better than to add what oddly looks like Gum, albiet a massive wad of it, stuck to his raised foot!


And here is the back view. So it was made from a bit of greenstuff & a piece of brim plastic from one of the 3d wood piles I had printed. (Luckily I hadn't thrown out that bag of garbage from the hobby table yet)

 As all the miniatures I've been painting this winter, they will all be getting a taste of Dullcoate once spring arrives.

I am now painting the next member of the gang ---  Hobb. Thanks for visiting 


  1. I'm enjoying these figures imensely, they're all so unique in both their poses and character.
    Detail is superb on this figure nd well picked out - I do like the gum too!

  2. Great job love the gum great idea and it adds a spot of colour and a touch of humour!

    1. Hey Simon, greatto see you back. Yes, this character reeks of one that has pranks played on him all the time, so the 'gum' or whatever it was, just needed to happen