Friday, July 9, 2021

Stargrave - Next Crew Prep

Moving towards my next Stargrave Crew/Pirate project, I've spent the past few lunch hours getting the bases finished.

So this post is more about the bases than the figures, but I will give a teaser at the end!

I used some bases from a GW base set. 


These are quite detailed & took longer than I thought. I wanted to keep in the same vein as the other bases I've been doing for Core Space & now Stargrave. In effect they are painted Charcoal Grey (craft paint) followed by the sponging on of metallic silver & Tin Bitz (Or is it Tinny tin these days)


Again I've been snagging old model kit decals to finish them up with some text/numbers, etc. I expect as I continue, there may be some emblems also making appearances. Once the decals are applied & dried, a sponging of rust is applied to complete them.

I was even able to start using some of those many German vehicle plates. So with the success here, expect to see more.

So who will be getting based on these? Well I can tell you, its another batch of the figures I bought from Bob Naismith. This time going with the Homokamis, which appear to be wolf headed spacefarers ( any relation to the space gnolls of Nick's?)

Photo owned by Bob Naismith.

I have 9 of them printed from the set I got, & also have some other options to complete the crew. Though it would be nice to get some specialists from this series. Perhaps an email to Bob is in order....or I will in fact make some gnolll specialists.


So there are numerous other things afoot for the next while as I continue to print the 3d stuff I have & work at painting....though there isn't a hope in hell I will keep up!




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Will....I assume Vargr is a space species from a series or movie? I know there was a Vargr in Confrontation.

    2. Vargr are from Traveller RPG - one of the earliest SF role playing games. Evidence of my miss-spent youth!

    3. Ahh that would explain it. I was likely playing D&D, never got into Traveller

  2. You’ve done a great job on those bases. Pricey things but the detail is pretty impressive.

    Love the wolf aliens too! Going with a traditional grey fur or something more outlandish?

    1. Thanks Dai, I liked the fact that I would be getting some of the larger bases within the kit. But your correct, as in all things GW these days, they are pricey! I may go back to either 3d printing or just using greenstuff & the molds I bought to generate new ones down the road. As to the fur colouring....haven't decided yet, but I will need too soon!

  3. Not a big fan of 'designer' bases, but the detail and variety of the ones you've done is staggeringly good.
    The new 3D prints look excellent, and should paint up really well, like your other crew.

    1. Thanks Joe, they are quite detailed & as stated that detail took me longer than typical to get them painted up. I will likely do more of my own on washers again with green stuff, as it removes the washer/plastic base step. Yes we shall see how they turn out, my painting isn't up to the amazing figures I see, but as dice are likely to be bouncing off them, I am happy that they are painted!