Thursday, July 15, 2021

Stargrave - This just in!

A happy moment collecting the mail today! My Stargrave mdf templates arrived from Nick & Northstar Miniatures!

These heavy duty templates are nicely printed with vibrant colours. Each set consists of a double sided flame template. Fire & Ice! I ordered 2 sets when they became available, which is why your seeing more than 1 template.

As well there are the 2 round templates, also double sided. 


An added bonus is some data & physicla loot tokens.


I know many of us, me included, have made up actual tokens to represent the various types, but where these will come in, is that once an item has been grabbed....we can swap it out & slide it under the base of the figure carrying it! 



Now to let my spurt of hobby happiness be spent at the paint table for lunch! Thanks for visiting! 


  1. These are very nice! Good quality seemingly too.

  2. Thanks Dai! They are! Now just need to get the crews, pirates & critters painted. Then good to go!

  3. Templates and counters look really good!

    1. They do Simon! Just need to take a brown marker to the edges to make them clean where the join marks are.