Friday, September 3, 2021

Stargrave - Lv-427 3d printed terrain

I've been following Lv-427 Designs since I purchased my FDM printer. Having bought some of their corridor sets & some small rooms, it kind of...sat. However with the release of Stargrave, & a recently announced contest by Lv-427 it was time to get cracking.

 I am still learning various things about 3d printing...does one ever stop learning? For instance with these... I have a fair bit of stringing & dangly bits which can be seen & need to be cleaned up before moving on with them.


The PLA material does seem to have a short period of time that it needs to be used when exposed to the environment. The spool I had on for some time, was having issues where it would snap off, almost as if it was rotting. So with a new spool, I decided to push through & use it all.


The brand also seems to be relevant. I can't recall the previous brand, though I have used Hatchbox (which I liked) & now my recent order is Anycubic PLA. The image below shows where I had to hotload the new spool as the existing one was finishing. Gives it a 2 tone colour mix. I am getting quite good at this, though not something you want to have happen while your not close by.


There are a lot of files available. Some have multiple versions such as these dead ends. I am getting about 5 or 6 tiles printed per 1kg spool. Certainly busier tiles will need more plastic.

 I also (today) had my first Small Medical Bay completed.

 As to painting... I reached out on one of the posts on the Lv-427 Design Facebook page posts & one of the folks there showed an image of the paints they used. I was also put onto these metallic spray/primer paints.


Now onto the piece painted for the upcoming contest. This tile is called  the 'Last Stand' corridor. The containers are all part of the tile & not a separate piece. I think I would prefer all these scatter bits to be separate to allow placement as needed (as well as to make painting them so much easier!) I know there are other pieces where the containers are separate files.


Just taking images from all sides as I am not sure what is required for the contest.


And the complimentary added miniautures for scale photo.


If you visit the Lv-427 Designs site, you will discover they have just recently released a Starwarz boarding corridor set, which Star Wars Legion users will need to print at 15% larger to match the Legion miniature scale.


  1. These look very good, with some amazing setail too. Are they close to the film's sets ?

    1. Thanks Joe, I am sure they were designed to be similar, but doubt they truly match the sets. Definately an Aliens vibe to them though! Just the logo displayed throughout of the Weyland - Yutani Corporation,

  2. Really like these! Painted version looks great, I think a whole system of rooms and corridors will look great

    1. Thanks Dai, you should really check out the Lv-427 Facebook page for some very inspiring paintjobs on these tiles. They are certainly inspiring me!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon, I will definately want to have a bunch done for the new Quarantice expansion to Stargrave!