Friday, March 4, 2022

When Darkness Comes

As I am getting ready for a gaming retreat, I thought to myself, this would be a great opportunity to hopefully play some games that have languished on my shelves for years...still unpunched & unplayed.

One of these 'off the shelf' games is When Darkness Comes.


Many will recall that Twilight Creations was actually the first to develop a zombie horde game where tiles were placed & the survivors moved about gathering supplies & health until the helipad was revealed & escape was possible...but I am moving away from today's post.

Part of this game were the 6 metal 28mm figures that I am now currently painting to have ready.

Today we have Steve & Sharon


These characters are generic 'people', not special forces or anytbing similar, just your average Joe.


Though not a fan of the square bases, these fit well on the tiles provided that represent the environment the game is played in. 


I will be sure to grab some photos of the game in progress at the retreat  


  1. A good pair of 'generic' civilians, useful in any contemporary setting (as well as the game) and you've done a good job withe the colouring, given you only had half a picture for reference.

    1. Thanks Joe, I always try to paint the figures of games to match their corresponding character cards, so when I only get half the image, it does allow me to dabble a bit.