Wednesday, June 22, 2022

EWG - Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord

Poking through my shelves for games that needed to see the table, I snagged my copy of Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord, a dungeon crawler for 4 players.


The game uses a system, where players 'build' the dungeon as they play. Often seeing what other players need to complete their quests & ultimately placing the room cards they need as far from them as possible.


The game comes with 6 characters to choose from. For the first game I played the Darkling Rogue


As you complete quests (You need to complete 3 to win) your rewards are often gaining a level.


As players progress through the dungeon, they earn Glory (used by the player to play treasures & boon cards on themselves) & Peril points. (Peril is used by other players to make your life interesting, but not in a good way) 


The second way to win is by being the last player standing. This was how Chen won the first game. 

We then set it up again & Kurt managed to take the victory after Chen was taken down.

All in all a fun game, which was easy to learn & plays quick....perfect for a night at the club!


  1. Not quite a unique take on a Dungeon game, but it is none theless enjoyable, by the sound of it. Quick set-up and play is often an overlooked asset of a lot of games.

    1. Thanks Joe, your absolutely right....having a game that can be quickly set-up & taken down is ideal for a club night, as we often have the staff remind us that there is 15 minutes left before the store closes. Games like this allow for those clubs where 3 things occur. You never know how many will show, it needs to be played within a couple of hours & as you say, a quick set-up. I am sure this will be a stand-by at future club nights.