Sunday, June 12, 2022

EWG - When Darkness Comes

 Last Tuesday we had 5 of us out to the club & played When Darkness Comes.


 I will say the rules, out of the box, leave a lot to be desired. Luckily I had printed out a set of enhanced rules from boardgame geek prior to running the game.

We used the characters that came in the box to give the first scenario a try. The story gist, was that we were criminals who were being give an 'opportunity' to solve a mystery for a chance for freedom. With all of us armed with a cellphone (to communicate in game) & our various skills, we were off.


The game is a bit of an RPG-Lite game where your group works co-operatively to solve the scenario & as we discovered...You DO need to cooperate, or your done for!


Your character earns xp for performing various skills & can then expend the xp to re-roll a die, or roll an extra die, etc.

Characters can also 'support' or assist one another to improve the chances to succeed.


After trying the game at the club, I took a deeper dive into the rules & discovered we had done several things incorrectly. So I will give this a couple of solo tries before bringing it back out, to work through the odd mechanics. 


  1. At last, I've managed to solve my problem of not being able to comment on a lot of blogs (I changed from a Firefox browser to Microsoft's Edge).
    It looks a great game, a bit reminiscent of Cleudo, but fr adults. I wouldn;t beat yourself up about missing rules, it's inevitable with any new game. Solo play is a great way to learn rules too..

    1. Thanks Joe, I was beginning to wonder myself, thinking with changes to blogger was blocking comments, etc. With your comment, I know its something else. I also use Firefox or Chrome.