Sunday, June 26, 2022

Core Space - Salvage Run

So I was finally....after getting the original Kickstarter back in.....a long time ago, I was finally able to play Core Space.  I had gotten the figures painted for 5 crews & then the Pandemic hit.

Kurt & I played a game of Salvage Run. After choosing our 3 member crews to hit the warehouse, we were out of the airlocks & spreading out on the hunt for loot!

We started on the opposite corners & I drew the first player turn.


I chose Arianna as my Captain, with Gak & Trigard to accompany her.


Kurt went with Sondar, Chit Chit'ah & Hunter (he had a jive for playing alien races)


With little resistance (well 1 single shot from Butler before he ran off) Chit gets to the first chest & tears it open.


Arianna with her extra mobility also scored a small crate.


Hunter explains to Butler that he is indeed taking whats inside the box.

Gak opens a larger container & finds a Rare Pistol.

A look at the items snagged from the crates thus far


The Purge begin to arrive...well a lone Harvester thus far.

As the Harvester moves past, Trigard makes a run for the ship


Gak exterminates the Purge Harvester.


Hunter also takes down a Harvester...all these Purge appearing means its time to get out of the Warehouse.


One of the NPC's falls to the Harvesters.


The Purge storm the warehouse, another NPC falls to a Devastator. By this time Arianna's team had made it back to the ship & Sondars were making good their own escape.


So a good first game. We struggled a bit with some of the icons for the various skills. The game plays quite quickly once you get into the groove. Some dislike the small allowance of gear a character can carry, but I think it adds to the game as you really need to think if its worth delving more to 'maybe' find something better, or be glad with what you've found & keeping your crew intact. Playing a single game, players are less likely to care about the characters.

After tally Kurt won with 37 AU to my 27.

 Hope to see this back at the table sooner than later as a campaign would be cool. Guess we shall see.

 Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Great looking game and the 3D elements really take it up a level. Even though it's a bit of a dungeon crawl, the theme really does come across as Sci Fi - a game I'd really like to play and with a lot more players it woul dbe great fune I;d imagine.

    1. Thanks Joe, yes, its pretty cool! Although it doesn't seem so at first, there is a definite feeling of trepidation of what's to come, the further in you go & the longer it takes, knowing the Purge will begin to swarm the station. Time is definitely of the essence & you hope you meet the mission objectives sooner than later. I hope to get a 4 player campaign going, as I am sure players will be more careful about losing crew.