Wednesday, December 7, 2022

EWG Club night: Congo - Relief!

OK so I forgot the actual name of the scenario, but it was a 4 player game of Congo, hosted by Bruce, that pitted basically 3 factions against each other. Factions were determined randomly & I got the Tribesmen.


Then there was a force of Adventurers / British troops holed up in a fort, however their supplies were limited & amongst them was the Damsel in Distress who was worth many VP's to the group who controlled her at the end.


A Paddleboat was attempting to rush supplies to the Fort & had British Marines & some firepower to deal with the nere-do-wells attempting to storm the fort


The last faction were Zanzibari Slavers (I think) but I didn't get a photo of them as they deployed at the far end of the table. 

Scattered across the table were various counters of different colours. Some offered treasures worth VP's, other's equipment & the red ones were ammo, which if desired, troops within the fort could sally out to snag.

My young warriors fall upon some Jetpack troops & managed to slay one, sending the others reeling back.


Meanwhile my scouts had found some dugouts & I was attempting to use them to block the river to slow the steamer. Sadly the dugout was crushed by the steamer & the scouts all slain.


By this time I had gotten my cannibals onto the bridge overlooking the river it was just a matter of...


Crap, I hadn't selected the correct action cards for the turn before the steamer got beneath & then beyond the range of the rocks I could have hurled atop them as a shooting action.


So the Steamer did manage to get to the fort, however most of the forts defenders had been slain.


The Zanzibari's were wiped out to a man (again thanks to my Ruga Ruga's)who shot them down & then rushed to snag the treasures that had fallen.

Certainly an enjoyable scenario, with a lot going on to keep everyone busy. Each token can in effect be carried by 1 man of a group, so if their numbers drop, so too do the tokens carried. 

Thanks to those who braved the insane cold temperatures to participate.


  1. What a very interesting scenario that must have been a great laugh to play in (I couldn't take natives v jet back troops seriously though). You failed to mention who won - not that it matters so long as everyone had a good time eh ?

    1. Thanks Joe, lots of fun had by all. It was actually the defenders of the fort that won in the end with the most VP's. There are numerous ways to garner these points, one being each enemy model slain...which is how they managed to pull it off. My natives were 2nd, having gathered many treasures from the various terrain locations.