Sunday, March 26, 2023

Alien - Fate of the Nostromo

Having picked up a copy of the game Saturday, today was spent getting the figures painted up.


I continued with the Speed painting techniques, with touch ups of solid colours where needed at the end. So first up was getting an image of the crew & their outfits. OK lots of whites! Which to be honest I am not so far impressed with speed colours for whites.

Dallas & Lambert 

 Parker & Brett


  Ripley & the Alien 

The game is now ready to be played! Thanks for visiting.


  1. Despite your dislike of white, you've donea great job on these wonderful sculpts that are very close to the characters.

    1. Thanks Joe, I am just finding that trying to paint 'white' speed paints, seems a little more difficult than other colours. An example being, I did the pants in white speed paint, then found it looked a bit grey (likely due to the base drybrushed colours bleeding through) so I then had to go over the pants with solid white to 'pop' the edges of the pockets & creases etc.

  2. Nicely done …such famous characters I recognise them all 👍