Sunday, October 1, 2023

Zomtober is HERE!

Well that came quick. Here we are at the start of October which also means a couple of other things...many call this Orktober & focus on Orcs, however I am still doing the Zomtober, focussing on Zombie Apocalypse type things.


So even though its the 1st day of October, this would also count as the first week of October....please, lets not do math!

So as I am working to complete the Original Core game of Zombicide, here are a couple of Fatties


Nothing fancy on their dresses as I am still working on my slap chop painting & trying to get that 'sweet spot' of base white. I was quite happy with how the dresses took the speed paints this time round.


So the next batch will also consist of some more Fatties...stay tuned! 


  1. Looking great. Zombicide is something I've been tempted by many times but I just keep remembering how many different zombie hordes I already have.

    1. Thanks Kieron, another batch will be going up later today. Fully using these for games like Last Days & Walking Dead too!