Saturday, December 9, 2023

Stargrave - Cryo / Stasis Chambers

With our current Stargrave Campaign now moving towards the Q37 scenarios, I needed to get a bunch of Cryo / Stasis chambers painted up.


So it was off to Thingeverse to see what was available. I ended up getting the files from RogueVector. I printed 16 in total.


Printed on my FDM printer, these came out nicely. Once painted, I was puttering around with various techniques on the glass, trying for some crystalization effects, but for most ended up with more of a fogging effect at the edges.


Quite happy with how they have turned out, however I am sure when we see what pops out of them, they will be cursed! I've also been thinking about more signage embellishments, but I am getting into crunch time to get the next things needed for the game painted up!

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