Friday, January 12, 2024

Stargrave - Hazmat Plague Zombies

 While scanning the various Stargrave Facebook groups, I noticed that there seems to be a lot of groups currently going through the Q37 scenarios, as is our gang.

I first noticed these 3d printed files on a post by Gregory Padilla. After some quick chats I was also able to find them on MyMiniFactory.


I liked his use of various colours for the suits & decided to do the same. 


There are 5 figures in the set, the last is the crawling one, which I've not painted at this time.


I used the slapchop paint method for most of the figures, that last thing I still need to do is get a small pot of gloss varnish to put on the shattered visors.


Once these were done, I decided that I liked the lighter suit colours & will likely stick with those should I print/paint some more.


You can expect to see these shamblers in this after game photos from our 2nd Q37 campaign scenario this Sunday. Stay tuned...