Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year - Welcome to '24

As we continue with our Green Winter here in Alberta (for the most part), the Calendar has now ended for 2023 & we find ourselves in 2024.


As with most, its when we look back at what's been & look ahead to what may be. I've certainly been around long enough not to make firm commitments at the beginning of a new year as you will often be disappointed as life has a way of launching curve balls at you. 

 However that is not to say we shouldn't make some plans & have goals without limits. 

Before we get to that however, lets see what I've accomplished hobbywise for 2023. 

1.  Well the first goal completed was to finally finish painting the core set of Zombicide (1st Ed). I could have done this sooner, but had bought a 2nd set of the zombies. This had the effect of me painting lots of the walkers, while leaving the Runners & Fatties aside.


2. I finally took the plunge & took an intro to airbrushing course in December. Thanks to Maple Airbrush for hosting & Courtney for teaching. All the students received a resin Charizard to learn on. Mine still has a way to go to complete.


3. We launched a new Mordheim group & got a bunch of new people into the system. Evan & Taylor are keeping it active, though I've been unable to manage attending the 2nd Campaign.

4. I continue to run Stargrave once a month at my place & am really enjoying the shenanigans, though I am always chasing my tail it seems getting ready for the next game with terrain or figures. Luckily 2 of the gang have done a stellar job at having the critters & pirates available to allow me to focus on terrain. Thanks Chen & Scott. 

Taking a look back at what I posted at the beginning of the year, I believe most of the check boxes are in the positive. 

What to do in 2024?

Now for what I hope to do for this new year & to keep it inline with what I posted last year, I will make 3 goals.

1.  Continue to divest myself of hobby items I know will never get done.  This was started in 2023 & will continue.

2. Select another game system from one of the many kickstarters I've done & get the core box of figures done for it as well. I think this may be a goal every year going forward. I seem to have this odd quirk where I don't want to play the games without the figures being painted if I believe it will make the game look better. 

3. As with the previous year, work at getting more stuff painted up. I did see an improved amount of figures done in 2023 though I don't have one of those tally charts that many use....maybe thats something to look into. 

Well another tradition is looming & thats spending some time gaming at Craig & Arlene's for their New Year Gaming Afternoon.

 Wishing everyone the best for this New Year! 


  1. Nicely done, strange how painting zombies takes more effort than you think !

    1. Thanks Matt, part of it was the arrival of Zombicide Black Plague, the fantasy version of the system. I did manage to get that core box done much quicker!