Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Stargrave - Q37 Zombie Shoot

Sunday was our 2nd scenario of the Q37 series. This time we had 4 crews competing.


After the fight at the Medlab, you returned to your ship & patched your crew as best you could. Speaking to your crew, you decide that another foray into this complex could be quite lucrative. This facility was obviously very hush-hush & who knows what lays hidden within, only awaiting those bold enough to discover them.


Alas your venture hasn't gone at all well. No matter how many you've put down, there just seem to be more of the walking corpses around every corner. Your ammo is running low & if you don't get back to your ship soon, you might be down to using knives. Your only path to the ship lies through some maintenance shaft hatches in a chamber filled with zombies!

Special Rules: 

1)  All crew members must exit through a hatch. The hatches are locked, but can be picked or hacked (TN16) to open them.

2)  Reanimation & infection rules apply. All infected crewmen are marked with a token. Once they perform a test, the marker is removed. If passed they haven't turned......this time.

3)  Low Ammo. Players who roll a 1 or 2 for a shooting attack jam their weapon. If the same crewman rolls another jam, that weapon is out of ammo for the remainder of the scenario.

4)  The Shambling Dead. At the end of each turn, 3 soldier zombies arrive at different spawn points.

5)  Random Encounters. Whenever a loot token is unlocked roll a D20. On a 10+, 2 plague zombies arrive at different spawn points.

6) Sealed Doors. All the doors are locked (TN14). They can be either picked or hacked to open. Doors can also be closed again, however it will require another successful TN14 test.

Loot & XP:

Roll for loot as usual, however if a player rolls advanced technology, they may choose to roll on the Q37 advance tech list.

XP is gained as normal with the following additions

+5xp for each crewmember who exits through a  hatch

+20 xp for each hatch unlocked by the crew

+5 for each door unlocked by a crew (can only be earned once for each door)


The Central chamber with 12 plague zombies!


My crew arrives & makes for the first door


Dan's crew enters. I realize I don't have all the crews names written down!


Chen's crew

Craig's crew

Soldier zombies make their appearance

The crew's are managing to get through the doors. I've helped another crew decide the path they should take by a force wall.

Craig's crew bursts into the centre chamber first!

Chen & Dan filled the room outside the centre chamber, discussing who should go in first.

With many grenades, the zombies were whittled down quite quickly. This was getting near the end where all crews were able to unlock & make it into the maintenance chambers.

All the crews managed to get out. There were several new crewmen who became infected from the bullets of the plague soldiers. I have 2 of my specialists now infected. Hopefully they survive from turning as there are no opportunities to replace them while we explore the station.

Now its time to prepare for the next scenario! Thanks for visiting.


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