Monday, February 26, 2024

Stargrave Q37 - The Power Conduit

We had everyone out (6 players) for our latest Q37 Campaign game. This time it was the Power Conduit scenario. We played pretty much as stated in the book, however as with all scenario's, I add a bit more to compensate for the number of players.

 Scenario: Managing to break free from the Zombie hordes, you discover that due to the incomplete maps downloaded of the station, you've been forced to take alternate routes to get back to the ship. Moving through the mostly deserted corridors you begin to detect high levels of background radiation. 


Finally you emerge into a huge chamber dominated by some kind of large tower that runs from the cieling down into a well in the floor. According to your scanners, the radiation is coming from the tower, but seems different. This must have been an experiment in an alternative power. If you could access & download the information, it would likely prove quite lucrative.


As stated, we played as per the book with the following additions;

1) Reanimation & Infection rules are in effect.

2) Low Ammo. Without being able to restock, ammo is getting critically low. Players who roll 1-3 when performing a shooting attack will jam. If the same character rolls 1-3 again, that weapon is out of ammo for the remainder of the game.

3) Random Encounters: Whenever a loot token is unlocked, roll a d20. On a 10+, 2 plague zombies arrive at different locations.

4) Sealed Doors. All doors are sealed, but can be unlocked by either picking or hacking (TN:14). The doors can be closed again by performing another successful picking or hacking.

5) Sensor Lock: The radiation is wreaking havoc on your sensors. At the start of turn 4, each player rolls to determine their exit point. A roll that exceeds the exit point tokens, another player decides where you exit.


So off to a slow start for my band, as we spent 2 turns trying to get the door hacked.


Meanwhile the other crews were making good time moving towards the power tower. All the soldier zombies were causing a bit of grief for some, as a couple crewmen were taken out by the toxic ammo.


However the zombies were also having to deal with weapons jamming & they would stand there squeezing the triggers with nothing happening.


Craig's crew had an unwanted guest show up & took down one of his crew. He spent a couple of turns trying to take out this annoying fellow.


Dan's Captain makes a run for the bridge. At the same time I had taken control of one of his robots.


Dan's Captain gets to the top ( a few turns later) & did manage to unlock the console for the data. As he began downloading the data, an errant shot by the controlled robot struck the tower (20) & caused a massive explosion, destroying the data. The blast also took out a couple more data loot as well as a few crew.


As the various crews made their escapes...the lonely controlled robot remained, its batteries (hitpoints) low & stuck on the tower island.


It was a fun game that ended with a BLAST! I know we will have a few more infected joining the game, as we continue trying to get back to the ship.


  1. This looks absolutely epic Terry! What an amazing looking set up.

    1. Thanks Michael, it was a hectic couple of weeks building the tower & getting it all painted up, but worth it in the end!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Joe! Great system & our group has enjoyed both Frostgrave & Stargrave!