Saturday, February 24, 2024

Zombicide - It's a survival thing!

I brought out Zombicide to the club last Tuesday. Setting up for the first scenario in the campaign, we chose our characters from the original 6 & as I had several players whom had never played, set about a quick overview, before we unleashed the zombies.


So, what can I say. Phil (aka Kurt) started off right away with an AAAaaahhh card!


Then he broke his weapon, this became a theme for him, as every weapon he grabbed, must have been a cosplay knockoff & they inevitably broke.

 Ned had lost the keys to his survivor bunker & had to smash through the door...

We did manage to get everyone together & decided to open the doors to the main central building while things were still in the blue. 

Alas things were going....ok, however we ran out the clock & had to end the game before we could reach the victory conditions. So we've opted to have a replay next time I bring it out to launch the campaign again. Now that most of the players have the game down, it should go much quicker. Hopefully we get our sixth player so that Kurt doesn't get to double down on destroying weapons again 😂

Hope everyone enjoyed this game!



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