Friday, June 14, 2024

Building 4 & some Terrain Crate!

Another building is completed, as this is the 4th of 10. A quicker one than the previous, & as I make more, they are coming along quicker, with tweaks to the process as I continue to learn things.


Again, these are all going to have removable roofs to allow figures to be used inside them.


As well as much of the time on the buildings involves waiting for glue to dry, I've opened up a box of Terrain Crate & started working on these. The Terrain crate series I got was the Kickstarter versions & now it appears they are selling the various sets individually. 

Up first is the Horse & Cart. This is a 4 piece set

 Horse and Cart

I am still working on the horse & should have it done soon, so will post a pic of that when done, likely with the next building I am doing.


I used speed/contrast for all of it, except for the metal barrel staves & metal bits on the cart. This was followed by some light drybrushing.


The cart suffers from a fair bit of warping due to the material used in its construction & although I tried using hot/cold water dips to improve, it may take some other method to correct. It is however still usable.

Thus that completes my post for today! Thanks for taking the time to view/read. 

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