Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Building 5 - Halfway there!

 Continuing with my commission for a local game store, I've completed the next building for them.

For this one, I've used the very cool patterned wall paper to represent the stone walls all around, as well as the flooring.


This wallpaper first came to my notice from a fellow on one of the facebook miniatures sites I follow, where he was using it for his bases. Intriqued & impressed, I sought out a couple rolls of this, as it was quickly becoming hard to find....I wonder why?


It is a bit of a challenge to work with as it is slightly metallic & the paint seems to have a hard time adhering to hit, but with perserverence it all works in the end.

I am quite happy with the result & look forward to getting them to their new home.

I've also finished up that horse needed for the cart set from Terrain Crate. As I painted this, I realized how few horses I've painted in all the years I've actually been painting.

I've begun working on the next building & am working on the Tavern set for Terrain Crate. Stay tuned!

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