Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hott Campaign Kickoff

Tonight we started our new HOTT campaign. We have 10 players who have joined this campaign which made things a bit tight at the loft, but was managed.

The premise of the campaign is to capture 4 of the 6 mountains to win. Details can be found on Mark's blog.

I started off against Mark, who was defending the Mountain terrain I had targetted for acquisition.

His army of 3 Magicians made short work of my Behemoths. My pip rolls were horrendous for the first 3 turns, and I was unable to close with his force.  Once I did manage to close, his Knight General defeated my 2 spear elements it was game over. Below is a shot of the endgame. Not a good start for the Goblins, as 1 of my Behemoths chose not to participate in the next game.

After the first game, Dennis was the only player to capture a mountain.

Round two, Mark this time was trying to capture a mountain. As everyone else was already engaged, I had to face him again. This time I was the defender however & quickly placed some water terrain to try to nullify his Magicians. He chose to mass on one side & quickly rushed his Magicians three up the side.

He had some bad luck with pips & was unable to exploit. My Behemoth and Beast elements engaged the 2 magicians who were trying to make for my Stronghold. Meanwhile I was able to swing my Hero & Rider element across and catch his 3rd Magician.

His other magicians forced my Behemoth to flee, so I was forced to pull back the beasts, less they be overwhelmed.

I was able to turn his Knight General & squeeked out a victory thanks to my Riders overlap. His General was forced to recoil & slammed into his other Knight causing his demise.

Both of our games were quick, so we got the opportunity to watch some of the others in progress.

Up next is the Model Train show this weekend at the Mayfield Trade Centre. Always a good oppotunity to grab some new terrain making stuff.

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