Saturday, September 15, 2012

Model Train Show

Today Christie & I went to the yearly Model Train Show held at the Mayfield Trade Centre. As always, this is an enjoyable event, with lots of fantastic layouts and displays to see. Of course this is always a good opportunity to see ideas for terrain pieces and to find odds and ends for gaming.

One of the displays both my wife & I enjoyed the most was this one of a 1930's street scene at 1:24 scale.

The elderly gentleman who built it, stated he had spent 20 hours a week working on it.

He also sculpted several of the figures in the scene. Awesome work!

Seems some things have never changed, including the use of alleys as quick opportunities to relief oneself.

We continued wandering aroud and I came upon a KISS Concert. Only thing missing was the sound of music, as he had a light display occuring as well.

If you thought the bank was the safest place on earth, I would think again. Never stand between a police officer and his donut!

These next couple images were taken of some displays handbuilt from kits. The fellow basically said you get a box full of individual planks and some guides, then off you go. He also then coloured the various pieces with coloured chalk, pastels.

I have taken many more images than shown here, but for the sake of not having the Blogger explode, have limited them to what I've posted. The various displays showed the ingenuity and love of their builders. The amount of time, effort and sweat that goes into these layouts are commendable.

The show continues Sunday, so if you have a chance to drop by, it is well worth the effort.

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