Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hott Goblins and a coupla Mummies

As Fallcon is drawing closer, as in this weekend, I have finished up a couple more stands of Goblins for my HOTT/Impetus army, as well as some stuff for a game at the convention I will be participating in.

Up first I have another pair of wolf mounts for a Goblin Wolfrider unit...yes the Riders are still awaiting their turn at the table. These are more of the plastic GW figures.

I picked up a bag of Gnoblars at one of the swapmeets a couple years ago & after looking at their dynamic poses thought...'These would make good warband figures'. These are all GW plastics.

While digging around in the crawlspace looking for stuff for the last Swapmeet, I came upon an old Grendadier Orc Champions chariot boxset. As it was being pulled by wolves I decided to make it into a Goblin  Chariot instead. I also went from a 4 wolf to a 2 wolf pulled chariot. As such I made a new crossbrace from a piece of sprue.

This all metal model (except for the sprue) is quite hefty in weight. I am currently picking thru my various goblin miniatures to decide which I want to be the crew.

Lastly I painted up a pair of Mummies from the Heroquest game. These plastic figures are going to be in a game of Pirates! I will be playing in at Fallcon.

Of course now that I've pulled out my Pirates, its got my excitement up. So I've decided to run it at our upcoming Edmonton Wargame Club Games Day. I've already begun pulling out more ships and miniatures to start working on after Fallcon to prepare for it.

At the moment I am modifying the ships from that big Weapons and Warfare Pirate Edition to add to my fleets. The cannons that come with it are quite huge, easily twice the size of the ones used on the current ships. They will however be good for shore batteries and such, with an extended range. Never a lack of things to do...

I will be posting my Fallcon stuff upon my return. Hope to see some of you there!

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