Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gibbons Town-Wide Garage Sale 2012

We were up early this morning to head over to Gibbons for their Town-Wide Garage Sale. This is the finale to the garage sale season for me. Of course it is the last of the town wide sales of the season that are close enough for us to attend.

After spending the day walking in fantastic sunny weather and spending a total of about $25 which included my food I think the day went well.

The very first vendor table I got to had quite a few older hardcover books. Two that caught my eye were these.

I then came upon a table with quite a few action figures (Alien vs Predator, Indiana Jones, etc). I then saw a bag containing the Harry Potter Chess Set. Of course my first thought was not to play chess, but rather how cool these figures would make for statues for Mordheim and other Fantasy themed games.

My third purchase was a copy of Weapons & Warriors "Pirate" version. This is going to give me 2 more ships to use in my Pirates games. I will see what else the box will provide in the way of gaming parts. And yes, the price on this game was $1.00.

Eventually I found a person selling some GW miniatures. I snagged their metal Empire Greatswords and Middenhiem Teutogen Guards figures. He had a bunch of Dark Eldar which I had no interest in.

At the same spot I grabbed these 2 sprues of Dryads.

As the day was drawing to a close (ie: we were getting hungry & tired) one of the last houses we stopped at had a box of Necron Warriors, still on their sprue for $1.00. How could I resist?

Another good day at Gibbons, a pizza and beer for supper afterwards & now the rest of the weekend to spend relaxing.

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