Friday, September 7, 2012

Hott Goblin Magician and Foam for the Holidays

After waiting until the roofing crew finished up their job, I have finally grabbed a photo of my Goblin HOTT Magician element.

The models are a mix of Ral Partha and GW Plastic.

I think I have what I want for the campaign starting next Tuesday (11 Sept). There are several other elements I am working on (Warbands, Chariots, more Riders & the Airship crew), but I wanted to get some terrain done as well.

As well, when the roofers were loading up the bin with the old shingle, I noticed a bunch of styrofoam sheets amidst the debris. I spoke with the crew leader & he agreed to set aside what they got from the new shingle boxes for me. There were 4 sheets per box.

Now I have a whole pile of foam sheets & decided to start using some of it. My initial run was a rapid job I completed for Will's game at EWG last Tuesday. You can see them in the previous post. As Will has lots of Colonial miniatures, I gave him those hills to keep with them.

As I thought about how I wanted to do the hills, the idea of creating "nested" hills came to mind. Make multi-level hills that would be able to stack or be used seperately. One of the big issues with hills is the ability of a stand of miniatures to be able to stand up while on the slope.

I decided to do a run of 3 hills for a start. On their underside I will code them & add an arrow to define the common end. I think for the second round I will tack down all 3 levels and cut their sides with 1 pass of the Hotwire cutter.

I then used water downed white glue and sandbox sand to give them texture. After drying overnight I painted the base coat in a colour called Coffee Bean, the hi-light drybrush colur is Sandstone. Both paints are the Folk-art ones from Michaels.

I started drybrushing the Sandstone colour on, when I noticed I was having some minor issues, in that the previous colour had broken down the glue mix & was now causing the grit to peel off. I think  my lesson from this is to wait a night for the first colour to dry thoroughly.

Thus I have left the bases of the hills in their base colour for the moment.

Another thing I got from the roofers was a small pailfull of the old Ashpalt Shingle grit which had filled my eaves when they ripped up the old roof. This stuff was perfect for some larger 'grit' pieces.

Up next is the Gibbons Town-wide Garage Sale. This is one of the best sales of the year in the area I live, with lots of Burger/Sausage vendors and many participants offering their old treasures. If I get anything good this year I will post it, though last years box will be hard to beat.