Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Warhammer Ancient Battles at EWG

Last night we played a game of Warhammer Ancient Battles 2.0

The scenario was based on a Roman camp surprised by a Briton raid as they were preparing to encamp. This battle pitted Mark, Dan & myself as the Britons vs Kevin, Chen and Scott as the Romans. North is the far end of the table.

We had a hidden deployment and decided to come in from 3 sides. Our main hammer was 3 warbands supported by 2 units of slingers on the flanks. Dan controlled these elements and was given the battle standard and a shaman.

Mark played all the mounted units, which were going to come in from the NE.

I played a holding/delaying force of 2 units of skirmishers and a warband. I don't think the words holding or delaying work for warbands as they are not in their vocabulary.

The 3 warbands from the east surge into the camp. They smashed the roman line and caused the romans to break and fall back, this caused other units to fail their morale and also begin to fall back.

After the first turn, things were looking good for the Britons. The troops on my end of the table got excited & rushed forward to close with the much for waiting for the right time.

The Britons in the centre continued to plow thru the camp, flattening the tent and causing Ceasar to enter the fray (in the form of leadership boosts)

At this point the Romans got themselves under control & were able to tie up & begin the systemic destruction of the ragtag Britons. All of our mounted forces were nullified and destroyed without really being able to contribute to the battle.

On the south end, the Warband and both skirmish units clashed with the light troops. A melee ensued but the Britons were repelled.

As the battle drew to a close (its all about morale) most of the warbands had fled the field, though Ceasar had lost his tent.

Thanks to Dave for bringing out his miniatures and hosting the game.

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