Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goblins and Trolls

I've completed 2 more stands of Goblins and another stand of Trolls for my Goblin HOTT/Impetus force.

Up first is my second Troll/Behemoth Element. This one contains two of my long time favorite metal troll poses from Ral Partha. I've had these two for many years, with a horrendous previous paint-job that just had to go. So now they are refurbished and ready for the upcoming campaign.

Next is the last of my Goblin Spear elements. They are a mix of GW metal/plastics and I believe an old Ral Partha figure.

Last is the first of my Goblin Blade elements. There will be a total of 6 of these to round out the 12 elements of Goblins for the Impetus Army. Again these are a mix of metal Ral Partha, GW & plastic GW.

More goblin blades are on the way, as well I've just finished gluing/priming some wolves for my Rider elements...

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