Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mordheim Witch Hunter Warband

Mark has been at me to run a game of Morheim with him. Its something he has been wanting to do for quite some time. As I have been going thru boxes getting stuff set aside for an upcoming Bitz Swap, I found the box containing a bunch of my Morheim figures. Although already painted, they had some nicks in the paint & so after touching them up, I used the Strong Army Painter dip to coat them & them Army Painter Matte Spray to complete them.

My plan is to have a Mordheim venue at my 2nd Annual Rememberance Day Afternoon.

Up first is my completed Witch Hunter Warband figures. There are a few more additions I still need to find/paint to complete it. Those whom I have gamed with in the past will remember these badboys.

Led by Hans Velsing, whose hatred of Magic in renowned, they scour the ruins of Mordheim in the search for the blasphemers and twisted creatures of Chaos.

Hans is lucky to have the righteous wrath of Haggis Hammerhand as a member of his band. A survivor of many trials, Haggis serves the power of Sigmar with his mighty...

Pan Demonium, (treated as a mace) which he wields with vigor to smite the unrepentant.

Hans has also drawn 3 lesser known but no less determined Witch Hunters with him. Below we have Pil Grim, and the brothers Hiero Phant and Psycho Phant. These are Confrontation figures which are fanastic in their detail!

 Of course no warband would be complete without the henchmen who support the Heroes. To support them they have Flagellents...

Zealots who provide some ranged ability...

And of course the ferocious Warhounds to tear opponents to shreds.

Should one of the zealots prove his zeal, he has a chance to become a hero himself.

Of course fame can lead to the desire of mercenaries to join your band. Here we have the Ogre Bodyguard Muttonchop 

The Mordheim miniatures produced by GW are beautiful in detail. The Ogre Bodyguard has many excellent details such as the wicker basket on his back which close inspection shows to be containing a Skaven and Halfling

I will be posting images of my other warbands as I find the figures. Needless to say I am getting a tad excited to play some Mordheim again, as its been a couple years since I've done so.

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