Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maurice! Catching the East Wind

Bruce once again brought out his game of Maurice, this time set in India pitting a Raj and some lackeys against the East Wind Trading Company. I guess the East Wind company was rubbing the natives against the grain again.

Mark played the British while Scott, Chris & I played the factions of the Raj. Bruce hosted and ensured we spent cards, received cards etc.

Below is a shot of my force, looks pretty impressive for a bunch of Conscripts. I had 3 units of Cav, 4 Pike Armed Foot  and a unit of Elephants. Apart from a single swivel gun on the elephants I had no shooting ability.

We see the thin red line in the distance & begin to move up. Looking good thus far. The British sensing what will occur retrograde to prevent getting flanked.

My Cavalry swarmed the end unit of the British, little knowing they were elite and were destroyed. Victoria Crosses began to be won.

Below we see my next attempt. Again the Indians smashed into the British unit and were repulsed again & again as Mark continued to roll his 6's.

Shortly after failing to break any British elements my force left the field realizing that sticks against muskets wasn't overly wise.

Things on the other flank were not much better as the Mounted British Forces destroyed Scott's Mounted. The British Forces that made it into the town were nigh impossible to beat. Again Mark's dice rolling won the battle for him. I think we need to get him average dice to use while we continue with normal ones.

Another fun game and the second chance I've had to play Maurice. The card system is very cool and it will take a few more games to get the whole strategy of passing on a turn to recoup cards and such.

As well it was nice to see Bruce bring out some figures I didn't even know he had. The Indian forces have many interesting lookin units, with the Elephants, Ox Cart Cannons, etc. Thanks for hosting Bruce!

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