Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Kickstarter arrives

Actually the title is a misnomer as I've received 2 more of the Kickstarter projects. First off is Deadzone from Mantic. As its been posted on several other blogs of note, I've opted to discuss it no further (mainly as I think there is more in another carton coming).

So the basis of this post is just that....bases.

I saw a kickstarter that was developing re-usable base moulds. The company was Wargames Bakery - Basius  who ended up developing 28 different basing pads.

I opted for getting 4 of them & ended up focussing mainly on cobblestone, rubble type pads for my Pulp/Victorian Steam-punk figures.

Up first is the Baker Street 1825 AD. I placed 3 of the bases I created from it on top so you can see the size!

Up next is Wooden Decking, which alas, I shall not be using for my Pirates as I am well into the variant bases I've started. This will however be handy for Mordheim & pulp style figures.

Third is Silverfalls Junction which has a rail line running thru it.

Lastly is the Ruined Homestead. Again Mordheim & Pulp will benefit most.

Now of course I need to develop the correct amount of green stuff to use on a base to allow for deep impressions whilst preventing the overflow onto the sides of the base when making the impression. The bases below have the recessed inner, so as you can see I will need more practice.

All in all however I am quite impressed. I will certainly post some images once these are painted up. I am prepping the Scotland Yard Company for In Her Majesty's Name as the first round.


  1. I saw these and was more than tempted by them, but was a little unsure. First attempt look more than promising Terry - looking forward to seeing how they paint up.

    1. Thanks Michael, though I will likely wait until I get them painted with the Scotland Yard figures before posting the final product.
      Of course my next thought is how well they would work with dental plaster. I will likely chat with the lads at Basius about it first though.