Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Sweeney at EWG

Last night was our last club night of the year. Andy was kind enough to bring out his borrowed and modified version of a Cops & Robbers Miniatures game based on the UK series 'The Sweeney'.

The Sweeney, Series 2

We played 2 rounds. For the first game Chen & I played. He was the rogues whilst I played the detectives.

The red die beside the figures represents their hits as well as the number of die each rolls during a turn. As you are injured, your dice suffer as well. Below the detectives enjoy some biscuits & tea.

Meanwhile the bandits are making off with their plunder. Chen had to get his vehicle and booty off the edge of the board closest to me.

As each figure was only allowed to fire is after all a UK based cop show, we quickly figured out that ramming other vehicles to make them lose control & hopefully have a spectacular crash was the way to go.

The chase continues.

Eventually the crooks are rear ended causing them to lose control. One of the detectives takes a shot at the driver & wounds him. I was then able to rush up and melee the wounded driver.

The second criminal took a shot at the detective still in the vehicle and then made a break for it on foot. The second detective shot him while he ran, wounding him. As you can see he is down to 2 dice while the other detective closes with him & still has 6. It was game over, with the caper foiled.

The system had very simple mechanics and any issues were quickly resolved by using a penalty of 6 being applied, thus requiring the use of a figures dice to resolve.


  1. "Put your trousers on, you're nicked!"

  2. Hey Tim, that will certainly do in a pinch

  3. Triffic! It's good to know there's other nut jobs out there as obsessed as I am. I like the game, not many - you still indulge then or are you all grown up now?... I'm currently building a scale sweeney model, you've just got the ol' swede working and it's just gotta be done. When it's complete, the games commence! Nice work mate.