Friday, December 27, 2013

What was under the tree

Well now that the presents have been opened, the boxing day sale shopping finished, I was finally able to settle down to some more miniature painting & getting photos of what Santa brought.

First up we have some of the 1/43 Scale diecast police cars I found at Walmart. 2 of the Police and the Sherriff's were presents from Santa. The 3rd I picked up. I did this to retain continuity for the various Pulp, All Things Zombie & Zombicide games. I figured it would look odd having multiple variants of police cars. Another nice thing is they did not have a number on them unlike the ones below.

I picked up the SWAT van & the State Patrol car during the Boxing day sales.

My wife (aka Santa) also got me these 4 box sets from the DUST game system. Of course I don't play DUST, but they will make wonderful Pulp Secret Nazi experimental stuff. I can thank Todd in Ottawa for putting this idea in my head.

 I also received a 15mm scale building ruin from JR miniatures, but until its painted didn't want to showcase it. This is preparation of the All Quiet on the Martian Front that should be arriving in the new year.

I also found these 2 Testors 1/43 scale car kits which I had to put together. I popped a zombie behind the cars to showcase them.

I did manage to complete another Pirate Captain & Navigator & alas the Matte Spray wreaked havoc on them, though they do not look as bad outside of the sort of gives them a moth-eaten look. I think it may have been too cold when I sprayed them.

So now I have another pirate & 2 more of the Super Dungeon Explore figures drying from the dip. They should be finished tomorrow & I will get them posted.


  1. An eclectic little haul!

    Despite the varnish issues the pirates still look pretty good. :)

    1. Yes its the curse of living in the Great White North, temperature drops into the -20's. I need to resolve myself to not spray below -10.
      It makes me wonder though if there is a good paint on matte overcoat. I've tried various ones in the past, but never been happy with the results.